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I’m Adi - an accidental yogi, trail runner, and lover of words. And I LOVE to make delicious messes in my kitchen. Thanks for stopping by!

alexa lies

alexa lies

I'm now officially back in the holy-shit-will-my-stomach-ever-stop-growling phase of training. It usually happens about 10 to 12 days into a season, and it's the one predictable thing about my body. I woke up at 3:06am to my stomach protesting its emptiness, and I laid there for about an hour before getting up and eating a bagel the size of my face. All good. I had fourteen miles to run in a bit, so the extra carbs wouldn't go to waste.

After hydrating with a touch of water and a vat of coffee, I met a couple of friends downtown. Naturally, I'm the only one in shorts because somehow, I'm still the only one who falls for Alexa's lies. "In Oklahoma City, it's forty-two degrees out," she says. Imagine my (lack of?) surprise when, after the run, through full body shivers and with numb fingers, I check my phone app and it reads 33˚ with a real feel of 21˚. Fuck you, Alexa. I don't know why I continue to listen to you. One day I'm going to face palm myself too hard and need my hands surgically removed.

Anyway, it's been a fun and hard almost-two weeks of training. I've yet to miss a workout, but being only twelve days in, I am resisting the urge to be self-congratulatory, and I've been consistent with the recovery part of my training schedule, too. I write it all in my fancy day planner so it has to get done. Unchecked boxes make me twitch. In the past twelve days, I've run Mount Scott repeats in the coldest weather possible (or it was just really cold, and I'm being dramatic). I've also had a beautifully warm and sunny 70˚ run, which, incidentally, was almost immediately followed by a snow run (thank you, Oklahoma), which led to an ice run, then in turn led to a mud run. It took 9 days and 51.4 miles for my legs to not feel like I was dragging giant tractor tires with them, so these past three days have been fantastic. I'm always grateful to get over that hurdle, and as soon as my heart and lungs follow suit, I'll be sittin' pretty, as they say.

road to leadville turmeric latte

post snow run turmeric latte

because clearly, I couldn’t get enough of the snow

road to leadville trails

mud run

first time on the dirt this year

As of this post, for 2019, I have:
6 hours of yoga
100 minutes of spin
2 hours of strength training/PT
73 miles of running
45 minutes of foam rolling
about 4017 hours of sitting in a hot epsom bubble bath
and a partridge in a pear tree

I’m kidding about the partridge, but I sort of wish I weren’t! Thanks for coming along this ride, loves. Stay tuned.

road to leadville recovery

a little snippet of my IG

where I realized what I’d been missing all these years

definitely not self-diagnosing via the internet

definitely not self-diagnosing via the internet

frozen snot and limp celery that needs to settle

frozen snot and limp celery that needs to settle